Humane Gesture by Minority Brethren: Fruits Distributed in Padayatra

Humane Gesture by Minority Brethren: Fruits Distributed in Padayatra

Hyderabad / Wakeuptelangana

In a heartwarming display of unity and compassion, minority youth leaders of the Congress party, led by Azim Patel, distributed fruits to over 1,000 devotees participating in the Hanuman Seva Samiti Swamula Vari Padayatra. The padayatra, stretching from Kenraj Kallali village in Jukkal Mandal to the Salabatpur Hanuman Temple in Madnoor Mandal, witnessed this thoughtful gesture aimed at fostering harmony and solidarity.

The distribution took place at Laksha Gate, where devotees were overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for the gesture extended by their minority brethren. Embracing the slogan of "India Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai," the act exemplified the cultural unity that binds the diverse fabric of India together.

Acknowledging the significance of this gesture, Ramesh Desai, former Sarpanch of the Hanuman Samiti, extended his gratitude to Azim Patel and honored him with a shawl during the event.

Among the participants were notable figures such as Akhtar Abzal Usman, Mubin Ahimad Abbu, and others from Shakhapur village, who actively contributed to the success of the program.

This noble act serves as a reminder of the importance of solidarity and compassion in building a harmonious society, transcending barriers of religion and ethnicity.

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