Former Minister Harish Rao Demands Immediate Compensation for Farmers

Former Minister Harish Rao Demands Immediate Compensation for Farmers

Janagama District / wake up telangana

In a passionate plea echoing the grievances of struggling farmers, former Minister and Siddipet MLA T. Harish Rao has demanded urgent action from the government to alleviate the distress faced by agricultural communities. Rao's call comes amidst mounting concerns over the plight of farmers grappling with water scarcity and crop failures across the state.

During a recent visit to Chintabai Tanda in Palakurti Constituency of Janagama District, Rao witnessed firsthand the dire situation confronting farmers. Numerous boreholes drilled by desperate farmers yielded no water, exacerbating their already precarious circumstances. With tears in their eyes, farmers recounted their struggles to Rao, highlighting the imminent threat to their livelihoods posed by parched lands and withered crops.

Speaking to the media, Rao underscored the failure of the Congress government in addressing critical water management issues, leading to widespread agricultural devastation. Despite abundant water resources in the Godavari river, the government's inability to distribute water to farmers has compounded their woes. Rao lamented the Congress administration's failure to fulfill promises made to farmers, including debt waivers and financial assistance under schemes like Rythubandhu.

The severity of the crisis is underscored by the alarming spike in farmer suicides since the Congress government assumed power, with 180 reported cases in the state. Rao emphasized the urgent need for tangible government intervention, including immediate compensation of 25 thousand per acre for affected farmers.

Warning of escalating discontent among farmers, Rao vowed to mobilize a massive public movement if the government fails to address their grievances promptly. He reiterated the demand for a bonus of 500 to Kaggi Vad, emphasizing that the Congress cannot expect support from farmers without fulfilling its commitments.

In a scathing critique of the government's indifference, Rao called for an end to political gamesmanship and urged Chief Minister and Ministers to prioritize the needs of farmers over partisan interests. He emphasized the imperative of restoring farmers' confidence through concrete action, including timely provision of essential resources like fertilizers, seeds, electricity, and water.

As the specter of agricultural crisis looms large, Rao's impassioned plea serves as a clarion call for urgent government intervention to avert further devastation in the farming community. Failure to heed these demands risks alienating the very backbone of the state's economy and jeopardizing the welfare of millions dependent on agriculture for their sustenance.


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