BRS Working President's Fiery Attack on CM Revanth Reddy

BRS Working President's Fiery Attack on CM Revanth Reddy

BRS Working President Launches Scathing Attack on CM Revanth Reddy in Secunderabad Parliament Constituency Meeting

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In a fiery address at the BRS party meeting held at Telangana Bhavan, BRS Working President KTR didn't mince words as he lashed out at CM Revanth Reddy, highlighting his recent political maneuvers and their implications for the upcoming elections.

"Revanth Reddy is the first person to join the BJP after the Lok Sabha elections," KTR asserted, emphasizing the political shift of the former Congress leader.

"He claims 'Bade Boy Modi' is different from Rahul Gandhi, insinuating a shift in allegiance," KTR continued. "But this doesn't mean he's pledged his loyalty to Congress forever."

Accusations flew as KTR accused Revanth Reddy of diverting funds, alleging, "Revanth Reddy sent 2500 crores to Delhi." In a metaphorical jab, KTR depicted Revanth as a "pickpocket with scissors in his pocket."

The focus then turned to local politics, with KTR predicting the defeat of Dana Nagender in the Secunderabad Parliament elections. "In Secunderabad, BRS will compete with BJP," KTR stated, confidently asserting that the BRS candidate, T Padma Rao, is poised to claim victory with a significant majority.

Praising Padma Rao's long-standing commitment to Hyderabad and the TRS party, KTR rallied support behind him, expressing unwavering confidence in his candidacy. "Padma Rao's nomination has galvanized workers and residents alike," KTR declared. "He is the future Lashkar MP."

However, KTR didn't spare criticism for Dana Nagender, accusing him of "opportunistic politics" for switching parties. "There are no murders in politics, only suicides," KTR remarked, warning against the consequences of political betrayal. He vowed to challenge Dana's candidacy, advocating for his disqualification and preparing for a by-election in Khairatabad.

Concluding his address, KTR reiterated the party's focus on the BJP as their primary competitor in Secunderabad, signaling a determined stance as the election season unfolds.

With tensions escalating and political stakes soaring, KTR's impassioned speech sets the stage for a fiercely contested battle in Secunderabad Parliament Constituency.

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