Gellu Srinivas Yadav Urges Karimnagar Auto Union Workers to Support BRS Party in Upcoming Elections

 Gellu Srinivas Yadav Urges Karimnagar Auto Union Workers to Support BRS Party in Upcoming Elections


**Karimnagar District, March 27, 2024:** Gellu Srinivas Yadav, the State President of BRSV (affiliated to the BRS Party), emphasized the pivotal role of auto drivers in Karimnagar's socio-economic landscape during a joint meeting held at Manakondur Meenakshi Function Hall. The meeting, attended by Karimnagar Parliament BRS Party MP candidate Vinod Boianpalli, aimed to address the concerns of auto union workers ahead of the upcoming elections.

Yadav, in his address, highlighted the challenges faced by auto drivers and their families, asserting that Chief Minister KCR's administration must actively engage with their issues. "KCR needs to understand that every problem faced by the auto drivers is a reflection of the larger issues within our society. It's imperative that the government addresses these concerns effectively," Yadav remarked.

Furthermore, Yadav urged the auto drivers and their families to throw their support behind the BRS Party in the upcoming elections. "The BRS Party stands committed to representing the interests of the working class, including auto drivers. We pledge to work tirelessly to uplift their living standards and ensure their welfare," he declared.

The meeting witnessed a fervent appeal from Yadav and Boianpalli to the auto drivers and their families to cast their votes in favor of the BRS Party and extend their support to KCR's leadership. The duo assured the attendees that their voices would be heard and their grievances addressed effectively under the BRS Party's governance.

Vinod Boianpalli, the BRS Party MP candidate for Karimnagar Parliament, echoed Yadav's sentiments, emphasizing the need for a strong partnership between the auto drivers and the government to tackle the challenges plaguing the sector. "Our alliance with the auto drivers is not merely political but rooted in a shared vision for progress and prosperity," Boianpalli affirmed.

The joint meeting concluded with a resounding call for solidarity among auto drivers and their families to rally behind the BRS Party and extend their unwavering support to KCR's leadership. As the election fervor intensifies, the outcome in Karimnagar District may be shaped significantly by the mobilization of the auto union workers, poised to make their voices heard through the ballot box.

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