AIMIM MLC set up 700 lights at moula ali pahad

AIMIM MLC set up 700 lights at moula ali pahad

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AIMIM MLC Mirza Riyaz Ul Hassan Effendi, on the instructions on aimim chief barrister asaduddin owaisi installed 700 lights for a 5-day period, aiding devotees during the 18th to 22nd Ramadan. During those days Devotes gather to mourn on Imam Ali, son-in-law of Prophet Mohammed Mustafa (SAWS), people from other states also come and participate in the majlise of imam ali (a.s), which will held on the 20 ramzan night. the mountain were full with thousand of devotes.
AIMIM's Khaja Pasha and Shabbir Hussain, alongside VSD District President Syed Shabbir Hussain, spearhead preparations, ensuring a memorable experience. Moula Ali Mountain, aglow with symbolism and spirituality, awaits pilgrims seeking solace and reflection during this sacred observance.

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