Processions and gatherings mark martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Ali (a,s)

Processions and gatherings mark martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Ali (a,s)

Hundreds of Shia Muslims took part in the Matami Juloos, a mourning procession of Hazrat Imam Ali (as), expressing their deep grief and reverence. The procession stretched from Charminar to Masjid-e-Imamia Kali Khabar in Chaderghat, Hyderabad, commemorating the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Ali (as), the esteemed son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad (saw).

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In Hyderabad and parts of Telangana, the 1405th martyrdom day of Hazrat Imam Ali, son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad, was commemorated with mourning processions, religious gatherings, and acts of charity on Sunday. Thousands, including women and children, joined various mourning processions, with the main one commencing at Charminar and concluding at Masjid-e-Imamiya in Chadarghat. This day, falling on the 21st day of Ramzan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, coincided with April 1 this year.

Participants, clad in black attire, commenced the mourning procession from Charminar following the installation of Alam Mubarak, engaging in chest-beating and self-flagellation. Islamic scholar Moulana Syed Nabi Hassan Zaidi addressed the Majlis-e-Aza within Charminar, followed by Moulana Shabber Raza, Moulana Irfan Hyder Jaffery, Mir Firasat Ali Baqri, Jaffer Imam, convener of Anjuman-e-Hyderi, and other leaders leading the procession. Majlis, Aza, and Matam will also be conducted on Wednesday.

The procession traversed through Charminar, Pathergatti, Medina crossroad, Chattabazar, Purani Haveli, Darul Shifa, and Azakhana Zehra. Appreciation was expressed to the police and other authorities for facilitating the smooth conduct of the events. Both Sunni and Shia communities observed the martyrdom day, with special prayers held in various mosques.

Hazrat Imam Ali met his martyrdom at the Grand Mosque in Kufa city, modern-day Iraq, when he was attacked with a poison-laced sword. The incident, according to the Gregorian calendar, occurred on January 26, 661 CE, corresponding to the 21st of Ramzan, 40 AH (Hijri calendar).

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