Don’t send girls to co-ed schools

amiat Ulema-e-Hind appeals to non-Muslims

Don’t send girls to co-ed schools

The president of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind (JUH), Arshad Madani, has appealed to all non-Muslims not to send their daughters to co-educational schools to save them from ‘obscenity while emphasizing the schooling of girls in separate schools.

In a press statement issued on Monday after the working committee meeting of the JUH, Madani said, “Immorality and obscenity is not a teaching of any religion. It has been condemned in every religion of the world because these are the things that spread misbehaviour in society. Therefore, we will also ask our non-Muslim brothers to refrain from giving co-education to their daughters to keep them away from immorality and misbehaviour, and to set up separate educational institutions for them.”

The establishment of schools and colleges for boys and girls, especially separate educational institutions in a religious environment for girls, and the ways to reform the society were discussed in detail during the working committee meeting.

Madani said that in today’s situation, people need good madrasas and higher secular educational institutions in which children can be provided equal opportunities for education. He said that Muslims must equip their children with higher education at any cost.

“We desperately need schools and colleges in which our children, especially girls, can get higher education without any hindrance or discrimination,” he said8

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