Cyberabad cops use #Jarvo69 to fight cybercrime

Cyberabad cops use #Jarvo69 to fight cybercrime

Hyderabad: Banned or not, Jarvo 69 has earned his fandom. And after fighting off security guards in England’s cricket stadiums, he is now helping the Cyberabad cops fight cybercrime.The Englishman, who walked in casually in full batting gear and began taking guard at the crease after the fall of Rohit Sharma’s wicket during the India-England Headingley Test earlier this month, had left everyone in splits with his confidence even as a pitch invader.

That was his second pitch invasion. The first time saw him walking his way into the Lord’s ground during the second Test and setting the field for the Indian team. Though the illegal but hilarious acts have now earned him a fine and life ban from the Headingley cricket ground, Daniel Jarvis has become the star of memes and all those pitch invasion stories.Down south, even the Cyberabad Cybercrime wing is using his ‘popularity’ to drive home the message about cybercrime. In a picture post tweeted from the @CyberCrimePSCyb handle, the cops added a picture of Jarvo at the crease after Sharma’s wicket, pointing out that while everyone expected Indian skipper Virat Kohli to walk in to bat, it was Jarvo who came in.

“Expect surprises online and be alert to recognise genuine sites and products,” they added, stressing that there were a lot of fake websites and fake products on the internet, of which netizens would have to be wary of while making online purchases and transactions.

What you expect and what arrives sometimes, in short, was the message that Jarvo was used to convey in the post that had hashtags of cyber security and cybercrime as well.

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