launch of the India’s firstCancer Nutrition Research Center in Hyderabad

launch of the India’s firstCancer Nutrition Research Center in Hyderabad


Esperer Nutrition plans to disrupt the oncology nutrition market with India’s first Cancer Nutrition Research Centre

Hyderabad, 15th September, 2021: Esperer Nutrition (EON), a Research-Based global Clinical Nutrition organisation pioneering the prevention and management of critical diseases using innovative nutritional therapies has unveiled India’s first Cancer Nutrition Research Centre in Hyderabad. The one of its kind nutrition research centre will provide aid in offering quality field and lab study in order to provide first-rate results to the end-users.

In India, there has been an emergence of Non-communicable diseases including cancer, and they are mainly related to lifestyle that we all follow along with the treatment that one gets in order to curb the disease. Wholesome nutrition plays a significant role when it comes to overcoming such diseases. Intake of healthy food helps in building an active and strong body hence the need for a proper diet has become the need of the hour. As per a recent global nutrition report, India falls under top malnutrition country and at the same time with high cancer prevalence. Esperer Nutrition with its one of kind Cancer Nutrition Research Centre aims to narrow down the growing concerns with the idea to improve the quality of life of cancer patients by conducting rigorous field and lab studies in order to find a concrete solution.

Embarking on the new journey, Mr. Raktim Chattopadhyay – Founder & CEO, Esperer Nutrition said, "India’s cancer mortality rate is much higher than western countries (68%Vs 37%). Diversity of Lifestyle and food culture plays a significant role in cancer mortality and etiology. Based on the cancer registry data, it is estimated that there will be about 800,000 new cancers cases in India every year which in itself is a big number. With Esperer Cancer Nutrition Research Centre, we aim to initiate rigorous field and lab study to address the growing challenges when it comes to oncology nutrition and takes responsibility to integrate various socio-economic concerns thus to improve quality of life for cancer patient and various cancer-preventive physiological conditions (NCDs)."

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