Prince Mukarram Jah's 88th Birthday: Turkish Consul General Lauds Contributions of Nizam of Hyderabad

Prince Mukarram Jah's 88th Birthday: Turkish Consul General Lauds Contributions of Nizam of Hyderabad

Consul General of Turkey in Hyderabad Dr Adnan Altay Altinors pays tributes to Eight Nizam of Hyderabad Prince Mukarram Jah Bahadur on his 88th Birthday at Mukarram Jah School, Purani Haveli in Hyderabad. Mukarram Jah Trust for Education and Learning (MJTEL) Trustees Nawab Faiz Khan and Mr Khalil Ahmed, Principal Mrs Rekha Wadhe, Secretary Mohammed Hashmi and eminent educationist Mrs Geeta Shyam Sunder are also seen

Hyderabad, October 6:  “The Nizams of Hyderabad were visionaries who valued education, and built institutions that are benefitting generations”, said Consul General of Turkey Dr Adnan Altay Altinor. Speaking as Chief Guest on the occasion of H.E.H Prince Mukarram Jah Bahadur's 88th birthday, the Consul General paid rich tributes to Prince Mukarram Jah Bahadur, for following in the noble footsteps of his grandfather, H.E.H. Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan, the seventh Nizam of Hyderabad by promoting the cause of education and social empowerment’.


The Consul General of Turkey highlighted the rich shared histories between two nations. “Hyderabad has a unique cultural history, with similarities to Turkish culture and history”, he said. “Besides the strong cultural cohesion between two nations, the relationship of both the Princess Esra and Princess Esin with Hyderabad has catalysed Hyderabad’s connection with Turkey, he said.


The schools, colleges, institutions and centres of education built by the Nizam, including the Osmania University, are testimony to their vision for improving the education system in Hyderabad. He said “the Nizam’s family was considerate in educating the girls and even the vulnerable groups, by virtue of which, there are hundreds of doctors and engineers, who graduated from these institutions.”  


The Mukarram Jah Trust for Education and Learning (MJTEL) on Wednesday announced that the Mukarram Jah School will provide free education for up to 2 children whose earning parent had succumbed due to Covid-19 till they pass out from the institution. The announcement comes on the occasion of H.E.H Walashan Mukarram Jah Bahadur's 88th birthday, which is celebrated annually on 6th October as Founder's Day by the Mukarram Jah School.


Mukarram Jah School is managed by the Mukarram Jah Trust for Education and Learning (MJTEL) to which Mukarram Jah Bahadur, had donated many of his properties including the magnificent Purani Haveli Palace for the cause of providing education to children. This year also marks the Golden Jubilee of The Mukarram Jah Trust for Education and Learning which manages the school and other institutions. The trust was formally registered in the year 1971.


Speaking from the regal confines of Masarath Mahal at Purani Haveli in Hyderabad during the 88th Birthday Celebrations of the Eight Nizam, MJTEL Trustee and scion of the Paigah family Nawab M.A. Faiz Khan said “Prince Mukarram Jah always valued quality education and social empowerment and the Education Trust and the school was founded with the objective to provide high quality education with extremely reasonable fee structure.”


The Mukarram Jah School ranks second in the country for imparting quality education and first for its infrastructure as per the Education World Budget Private School rankings 2020”, he added.


Nawab Faiz Khan recollected the strong historical ties between Turkey and Hyderabad, particularly with the Ottoman Empire as the eighth Nizam being the Son of Her Highness Princess Durrusehvar Sultan, the daughter of Sultan Abdul Majid II - the last Caliph of the Ottoman Empire. He said the two nations have shared great cordial ties and rich legacies. “The Prince is currently in Turkey and in good health, by God’s grace. His heart has always been with Hyderabad and its people”, he said.


According to MJTEL Trustees Nawab Faiz Khan and Mr Khalil Ahmed, the trust has resolved to provide free education up to 10th class to all those students who lost their earning parent due to COVID-19” to a maximum of 2 per family. “The school will also provide free education for 12 months to the third/fourth child/Student from the same family” and also to those who lost a non-earning parent, the trustees said.


Mukarram Jah School Principal Mrs Rekha Wadhe highlighted how “the swift transition from physical to digital classes by the school helped students save a precious academic year at a time when most schools were shut down due to the pandemic.”


Eminent educationist Mrs Geetha Shyam Sunder also addressed the gathering. Incharge Secretary Mohammed Hashmi, Principal Mrs Rekha Wadhe, Legal Counsel and Adviser Dr. T.P. Shailaja, Mrs Kauser Sayeed, dignitaries, invitees, Staff and a few students as per Covid Protocol were also present on this occasion.

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