UP police create hurdles for Priyanka Gandhi

UP police create hurdles for Priyanka Gandhi

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Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and three others have been allowed to go to Agra to meet the family of a man who died while in the custody of Uttar Pradesh Police. Ms Gandhi Vadra was earlier detained by the cops - for a second time in less than a month - after she was stopped en route to Agra.Her car had been stopped at the first toll plaza on the Lucknow-Agra Expressway."If I'm at home, ok. If I go to my office, ok. But the moment I go elsewhere, then they start this tamasha. Why? Eventually I will meet the family. This is becoming ridiculous... people are being affected. Look at the traffic (behind her stopped convoy)," she said shortly before she was taken into detention.Ms Gandhi Vadra also underlined her constitutional right to free movement in the country, and made it clear she is determined - as soon as she is released - to visit the man's family.Earlier she tweeted asking "what is the UP government so afraid of?""Arun Valmiki died in police custody. His family is seeking justice. I want to visit that family. What is the UP government afraid of? Why am I being stopped? Today is Lord Valmiki Jayanti... PM Modi spoke big on Buddha but this is attacking his message," she wrote in Hindi.UP Police told Ms Gandhi Vadra she had been stopped per an order issued by the Agra District Magistrate, which cited potential law and order issues to stop political leaders from visiting the city.Chaotic visuals from the scene showed Ms Gandhi Vadra surrounded by a sea of people, including policemen, as she tried to make her way past the blockade. Another visual showed a burly UP cop standing in front of her vehicle, with both hands placed firmly on the hood.In a video of the conversation between the Congress leader and the police, she can be heard asking: "Wherever I go... I have to ask for permission?", to which the officer says it is a "law and order issue"."What is the issue? Someone has died... what is the law and order..." she repliesThere were also some more pleasant visuals with Ms Gandhi Vadra posing for selfies with a few women police officers - all as party workers can be heard chanting and shouting in the background.

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