Holi colours: “Focus on organic color ahead of Holi festival,’’

Holi colours: “Focus on organic color ahead of Holi festival,’’

Hyderabad March 03: Just days before Holi, the festival of colours, the focus is back once again on organic colors. These colours are called organic because they are made by using organic waste like used flowers and leaves.

Similarly, harmless and organic colors began to  stock in certain parts of the old city areas by the wholesale dealers. One of the dealers, Bhagwan Das said that he had stocked different varieties of colors brought from other states, especially organic ones for the customers.

 “We have different varieties of colors stock, brought from certain states including Delhi, Mumbai, Gujarat, Sholapur for the customers. We have all the Holi related items and the prices starting from Rs 2 to customer’s demand. These colors are harmless and organic, which are mostly preferred by the customers,’’ Bhagwan Das Bajaj, one of the dealers at Gulzar Houz told Wakeup Telangana.

Apart from this, Gulal cylinders, which are mostly used during Bhajan Kritan and it is easy to use to refill different colors. These Gulal cylinders are also in great demand ahead of the Holi festival.

“Two-in-One colors cylinders are also available here, Rajnigandha Gulal, Holi T-shirts and many more items are available,’’ added Bhagwan Das Bajaj.

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