Congress plot to exploit politics in Osmani University

Congress plot to exploit  politics in Osmani University

-- TRSV angered on Rahul Gandhi visit -- Called students not to allow Congress leader into campus


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TRSV GHMC Coordinator Mir Qurram Ali condemns the visit of Rahul Gandhi to Osmania University and demanded the concerned authorities not to permit him inside the campus. 

He said that Congress did not support Telangana Agitation which resulted to numerous slayed students death and it is dishonoring the martyrs of Telangana agitation. He also flayed  only congress is responsible for that and as now when Telangana state is doing good and faster in development among all the states they are coming to spoil the image of Telangana.

When BJP is doing Cheap politics by raising Communal issues on other hand Congress is spoiling by making false statements.

Ahead of Rahul Gandhi's visit to Osmania University on 7th May there has been a massive protests and rallies are taken out to stop Rahul Gandhi to enter Osmania University and also Osmania University has denied permission to Rahul Gandhi's visit.


Mir Qurram Ali 

TRSV GHMC Coordinator

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