PM Modi visited Hyderabad ISB

PM Modi visited Hyderabad ISB

Hyderabad : 

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Where CM KCR skipped by flying to different states.Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday took a dig at the KCR government in Telangana saying 'when parties dedicated to one family come to power, members of that family become the biggest faces of corruption'.Addressing a public meeting in Hyderabad, he said that 'family-run parties are biggest enemies of the nation', adding that 'pariwarwaadi parties only think about their own development'.

"These parties do not care about the poor people, their politics is focused on how a single-family can stay in power and loot as much as they can. They do not have any interest in the development of people," he said.Due to political dynasties, the youth, talents of the country do not even get an opportunity to enter politics. Parivarwad crushes every dream of such youth and closes every door for them. Therefore, freedom from dynasties, freedom from family parties is also a resolution for the India of the 21st century," he said.The people of Telangana are seeing that when parties dedicated to one family come to power, the members of that family become the biggest faces of corruption. The people of Telangana are seeing that family parties only prosper and fill their coffers," he added.The Prime Minister highlighted that when political dynasties are removed from power, it opens up avenues of development. "Now it is the responsibility of my brothers and sisters of Telangana to take this campaign forward," he said.The Prime Minister also took a jibe at KCR's 'superstitions', saying they cannot work for development. "I believe in science and technology. I also congratulate Yogi Adityanath, who is a saint but does not believe in superstition. We have to save Telangana from such superstitious people."Telangana CM K Chandrashekar Rao's son KT Rama Rao is a legislator from Sircilla. He is also a Cabinet minister in the TRS government. KCR's daughter Kavitha served as MP from Nizamabad and currently serving as a Member of the Legislative Council. Harish Rao, the CM's nephew, is an MLA for Siddipet and Minister for Finance.

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