Etala to go up Against KCR in Gajwel, will Contest Huzurabad too

Etala to go up Against KCR  in Gajwel, will Contest Huzurabad too


BJP’s Huzurabad MLA Etala Rajendar, who heads the committee to admit defectors, on Thursday said he would go up against Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao in Gajwel, besides contesting in Huzurabad as well. Rajendar, speaking at a BJP meeting of senior leaders Huzurabad of Karimnagar on Thursday, said: "Before the formation of Telangana state, the government used to understand the leaders’ voice even though they were in Opposition. But good culture and political atmosphere was damaged by the BRS in the newly formed Telangana state."Rajendar said that when he was finance minister, if any developmental work was taken up, tractors were allocated equally to each person even though they belonged to other political parties, for transporting required materials, which, he said, was politicised by a leader."Thinking about the welfare of the BJP activists, I did not give a fitting lesson to psycho BRS leader even though he lodged illegal cases against party workers. To fight with others is not my culture because I am a political leader not a rowdy," he said.Refuting that the Congress was the only possible alternative to BRS, he said: "Intentionally, to divert the attention of the people, false publicity was given saying the Congress graph is increasing but actually, there is no hype for Congress at ground level. After the election results, with silent voting, the Congress will be blocked."He also slammed leaders for spreading rumours that he was serving within the BJP as a spy for Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao. "I felt very bad listening to such rumours because I faced a lot of problems and went on with difficult times because of KCR. Using my full strength and experience, I will contest against him to defeat him," he said."Because of Etala Rajendar only did the BRS government implement Dalit Bandhu, Girijana Bandhu, BC Bandhu and constructed community buildings and allocated housing sites to journalists," he said."If Huzurabad people are determined, then the leaders of Opposition parties will not even get their deposits. If any police officer tries to threaten a BJP leader or activist or act in favour of the ruling BRS, do not leave them and warn them of severe action later. People of Telangana do not know how to deceive others. BRS leaders will come with money bags; take them and vote for BJP," he said.He appealed to BJP workers to attend in large numbers a public meeting in Huzurabad on October 16, wherein Union defence minister Rajnath Singh will address the public.

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