Rajnath Singh Appeals to Telangana Public: Give BJP a Chance for Comprehensive Change

Rajnath Singh Appeals to Telangana Public: Give BJP a Chance for Comprehensive Change


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Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh delivered a compelling message to the public at a Jammikunta public meeting, urging them to consider giving the BJP an opportunity to bring about significant change in Telangana. During the event, Rajnath Singh emphasized the need for development across the state, rather than just in Hyderabad, and highlighted the issue of corruption within the ruling party.

The Defence Minister began by acknowledging the fighting spirit and skills of Telangana's people and its rich cultural heritage, including the renowned Maa Bhadrakali and Ramappa temples. He also drew a parallel to the state's history, noting that the BJP's last victory in Telangana dates back to 1984 when they won only two seats, one from Telangana and the other from Gujarat. Over the years, Gujarat has transformed into a model of development, raising questions about the state of development in Telangana.

Rajnath Singh criticized the lack of widespread development in the state and raised concerns about corruption. He challenged Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) to address the allegations of corruption, highlighting that discussions about it had reached the national capital.

The Defence Minister stressed that, for the people, "State First" should be the priority, while KCR seemed to prioritize "Family First." He cited the example of Etala Rajender, who left the party due to these concerns, and the significant resources spent in the by-elections to defeat BJP candidates.

Rajnath Singh questioned KCR's promises on employment and the status of various welfare programs. He also inquired about the allocation of land to dalit families and financial assistance to other households. Furthermore, he challenged anyone to name a BRS leader who is not corrupt.

Rajnath Singh assured that the BJP would deliver on its promises, such as the construction of the Ram Mandir and the equal status of Jammu and Kashmir with other states. He also mentioned the "Bhuswamitra Yojana," a project aimed at digitizing land records, which is set to be implemented soon.

Regarding housing, Rajnath Singh noted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had allocated four crore houses across the nation, emphasizing that these houses were not provided by the BRS government. He highlighted the government's efforts to ensure that government funds reach beneficiaries directly and shared that Jandhan accounts were opened for the poor.

Rajnath Singh concluded by saying that the BJP does not engage in politics based on caste, creed, region, or religion, and he appealed to the public to support the party for the greater economic growth of the nation.

Union Minister and BJP State Unit President G. Kishan Reddy expressed the BJP's determination to provide an alternative to the Congress and the BRS party in the upcoming assembly elections, scheduled for November 30.

Election Committee Chairman and MLA Rajender highlighted the challenges he faced when he left the BRS party and emphasized the overwhelming support he received from the public in his constituency of Huzurabad. He urged voters to make their voices heard in the upcoming elections.

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