Solidarity in Faith: Saidabad's Unique All-Women Prayer Vigil for Gaza

Solidarity in Faith: Saidabad's Unique All-Women Prayer Vigil for Gaza

Solidarity in Hyderabad: 'Qunoot-e-Nazila' Prayers and Silent Protests Unite the Community


Hyderabad, October 19, 2023: In a heartwarming display of solidarity and compassion, a group of women organized 'Qunoot-e-Nazila' prayers at the Eidgah Hazrath Ujaleshah in Saidabad on Thursday, October 19. The event drew a significant number of attendees, including mothers with their children, who responded to the organizers' call to stand together and pray for the safety of those facing distress.

The 'Qunoot-e-Nazila' prayer holds a special place in the hearts of Muslims and is performed during times of calamity and adversity. In the wake of ongoing global conflicts, including the Israel-Hamas-Hezbollah conflict, Hyderabad has witnessed a surge in silent protests and flash protests as a means of expressing concern and unity.

Recent instances of such gatherings have seen people coming together in various parts of the city to raise their voices in peaceful protest. Notably, a flash protest was recently organized at Shahalibanda, where people voiced their concerns about the ongoing turmoil. Additionally, a small but impactful silent protest took place near the iconic Charminar, where young individuals stood silently, holding placards that conveyed messages of solidarity.

The collective actions of these gatherings reflect the resilience and unity of the community in Hyderabad as they come together to support those in distress and seek peaceful solutions during trying times.

As the world grapples with conflicts and crises, it is heartening to see Hyderabad's residents join hands to make their voices heard and pray for the well-being of those affected. These gatherings serve as a reminder that unity and compassion can bring hope and strength to communities during times of adversity.




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