BRSV GHMC Coordinator Mir Qurram Ali Urges Telangana Youth and Public to Support BRS for Development and Welfare

BRSV GHMC Coordinator Mir Qurram Ali Urges Telangana Youth and Public to Support BRS for Development and Welfare

Hyderabad, November 2, 2023

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- Mir Qurram Ali, the BRSV GHMC Coordinator, has called upon the youth, students, and the general public of Telangana to cast their votes in favor of the BRS party for the betterment of the state's development and public welfare. Telangana, under the leadership of Chief Minister KCR, has been steadfast in its commitment to education, agricultural development, and the well-being of every citizen, regardless of their caste or religion.

Mir Qurram Ali passionately emphasized that in the BRS party, there is no distinction between Hindu and Muslim; all citizens are seen as brothers, sisters, sons, and family members. The focus remains on uplifting the state as a whole, leaving no one behind.

The BRS party's manifesto for the upcoming Telangana Assembly elections outlines a range of promising initiatives that aim to enhance the lives of the people in the state. Some of the notable promises include:

  1. Soubhagyalakshmi Scheme: Providing a monthly financial aid of 3000 INR to all eligible poor women.
  2. Subsidized Gas Cylinders: Ensuring that 400 INR subsidies are granted to all eligible BPL families.
  3. Aasara Pensions: Increasing Aasara Pensions to 5000 INR with yearly increments of 500 INR.
  4. KCR Aarogya Raksha Scheme: Expanding the ArogyaSri Bhima Scheme to cover 15 lakh beneficiaries.
  5. Rythu Bandhu Scheme: Raising the annual financial support by 16,000 INR per acre, with an initial hike of 11,000 INR.
  6. KCR Bhima Prathi Intiki Dheema: Providing a 5 lakh INR Insurance Scheme for all BPL cardholders with the government paying 100% of the premium.
  7. Affordable Housing: Constructing 1 lakh 2BHK houses in Hyderabad under the Gruha Lakshmi scheme.
  8. Educational Opportunities: Establishing 119 residential schools for economically backward students.
  9. Minority Junior Colleges: Converting them into residential colleges.
  10. Empowering Women: Providing dedicated buildings for Mahila Swashakti Groups.
  11. Caring for Orphans: Implementing an orphan policy to protect and support orphaned children as State Children.
  12. Land Rights: Removing restrictions on assigned lands.
  13. Pension Reform: Studying the transition from CPS to OPS pensions for government employees with the formation of a committee of senior officials.
  14. Food Security: Implementing the Telangana Annapurna Scheme to provide Rice (Sanna Biyyam) to all ration cardholders.

The Telangana Assembly elections are scheduled to be held on November 30, 2023. The BRS party has already announced its list of 115 candidates, and now, with the release of their comprehensive manifesto, the campaign is set to enter full swing.

KCR, who is seeking a third consecutive term as Chief Minister, is poised to kickstart his election campaign from Husnabad, a constituency that has been a symbol of luck and success for him.

The campaign is set to commence on a significant day - the beginning of the nine-day Navaratri festival, considered highly auspicious in Indian culture. Additionally, the chosen date, October 15, holds a special significance as it aligns with KCR's lucky number, Six.

Mir Qurram Ali and the BRS party are determined to lead Telangana towards a brighter future, focusing on the welfare and development of all its citizens, with an unwavering commitment to unity, regardless of caste or religion. As the state prepares for the upcoming elections, their manifesto outlines a compelling vision for the people of Telangana.

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