Congress launches election campaign in Old City from Charminar

Congress launches election campaign in Old City from Charminar

Mujeeb Ulah Shareef, Congress MLA candidate for Charminar, engaging in a door-to-door padyatra with party members, passionately seeking votes for constituency development during the election campaign. A significant influx of enthusiastic youth and women joining the Congress party was witnessed at the Old City Party office in Hussaini Alam, Hyderabad, with the presence of DCC Hyderabad President Wali Ullah Sameer.

Hyderabad, November 11: "The upcoming Assembly elections will mark the beginning of a new era for the Old City of Hyderabad, with the Congress party poised to win the Charminar seat," declared Charminar candidate Mujeebullah Shareef who kicked off the election campaign in the presence of Hyderabad District Congress Committee (DCC) President Sameer Waliullah and other senior leaders.

In a resounding demonstration of strength, Congress candidate Mujeebullah Shareef embarked on a padayatra, traversing through Hussaini Alam, Jalal Kucha, Khurshid Jah ki Devdi, Jamia Nizamia, Mahboob Chowk, and Moosa Bowli. Along the way, Congress workers and leaders engaged with residents, visiting around 500 households and urging them to vote for the Congress party in the forthcoming elections.

The event witnessed a remarkable turnout, with over 100 activists from the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) and other parties joining the Congress fold. Mahila Congress Hyderabad President, youth leader Aslam Shareef, Hyder, Aksar Wali Baig, Danish, Sultan Mirza, and other prominent leaders actively participated in the program.

Speaking ot media persons, Mujeebullah Shareef emphasized the political and historical significance of the Charminar constituency. "The localities surrounding Charminar were once home to seven magnificent palaces built by Qutb Shahi rulers. These structures were demolished by Aurangzeb, leaving the area in ruins. Later, the Asaf Jahis resurrected the area with royal buildings, including Khilwat and Chowmohalla palaces. Today, these sites serve as major tourist attractions, drawing visitors from around the globe. Unfortunately, due to the incompetence of MIM leaders, this historic area has become one of the most neglected places in the state," he lamented.

Mujeebullah Shareef elaborated on his extensive year-long survey to identify the specific problems afflicting each division of the Charminar constituency. "I have been engaging with residents, offering tailored solutions to their unique challenges. Additionally, the Congress's six guarantees, including the provision of Rs 500 gas cylinders, will directly benefit the underprivileged residents of the Charminar constituency. I will intensify my campaign, striving to connect with every voter across the constituency," he vowed. 

He highlighted the widespread resentment against incumbent MIM MLAs. "Anti-incumbency sentiment has reached fever pitch, forcing MIM President Asaduddin Owaisi to swap MLAs Mumtaz Khan and Ahmed Pasha Quadri from Yakutpura to Charminar in the last elections. This time, he has been compelled to drop both MLAs altogether. However, these changes will not alter the outcome. The Congress is poised to make history by capturing the Charminar seat," he declared.

"We have received an overwhelming response from the people, who are deeply frustrated with the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen's dismal performance. The Old City area has been plagued by a lack of development for decades. Residents are deeply concerned about the absence of basic amenities and the severe traffic congestion caused by inadequate road infrastructure. We have assured them that the next Congress government will address their needs and resolve all outstanding issues," asserted Hyderabad DCC Sameer Waliullah.

Sameer Waliullah further criticized the MIM, accusing them of deceiving the people of Hyderabad and failing to deliver on their promises. "While the people of the Old City have remained impoverished and backward, the Owaisi brothers have amassed wealth due to their political influence. Neither Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi nor MIM MLAs or corporators have bothered to visit the local people in recent years, ignoring their grievances. We have pledged to address their concerns once the Congress wins the next elections. We have emphasized that their situation will not improve unless they make informed political choices and elect competent representatives," he stated. 

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