BRS Students Wing Coordinator Questions 60 Years of Development Neglect in Old City

BRS Students Wing Coordinator Questions  60 Years of Development Neglect in Old City


In a bold move, BRSV GHMC Coordinator MiR Qurram Ali has raised a pertinent question to the public: Why has the historic old city not witnessed substantial development in the last six decades? Expressing concern over the stagnant state of affairs, Ali emphasized the need for change, particularly in areas like Saath Nagar, which he believes could transform into a modern hub. Taking aim at the lack of essential amenities, Ali examined the state of education and healthcare in places like Badhurpura. He questioned the absence of government schools, colleges, and degree institutions, as well as the apparent dearth of hospitals. Ali challenged the public to ponder the conditions they endure, despite contributing taxes to the system Pointing out glaring issues such as overflowing garbage centers, water leaks, perpetual traffic jams, and inadequately maintained roads, Ali urged the residents to reflect on the quality of life in their locality. He questioned the commitment of MLAs, corporators, and public representatives to address these pressing concerns.
In a call toaction, Ali appealed to the public's sense of agency, reminding them that their future lies in their hands. He urged voters to support BRS MLA candidate Mir Inyath Ali Baqri and align with KCR's vision for progress, emphasizing the potential transformation of Pink Badhurpura. Ali underscored the importance of unityamong the youth, urging them to prioritize development, education, and employment over divisive tactics. He condemned any attempts at religious polarization, advocating for a collective pursuit of a brighter and more prosperous future for the old city.As the city approaches a crucial juncture, Ali's impassioned plea encourages citizens to engage in a thoughtful examination of their priorities, emphasizing the power of their vote to shape the destiny of their community.

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