GRK High School excels, offers free self-defense

GRK High School excels, offers free self-defense

GRK High School Students Excel in Karate Belt Test Conducted by Nayak Budokan Academy; Free Self-Defense Classes Offered

GRK High School in Shivaji Nagar at uppuguda Hyderabad , a successful belt test was conducted by the Nayak Budokan Karate Academy on November 19, 2023. Under the guidance of Master Ganesh Nayak, President of NBKA, students progressed from white to yellow belts, showcasing their dedication and motivation.
Acknowledgments were extended to the school management for their invaluable support without which this achievement wouldn't have been possible.
Gratitude was expressed towards Sree S.V.A Group of Institutions, founded and led by G Akshay Kumar, Managing Director, and chaired by G Kantha Rao.
Exciting news! Free karate classes will be available at GKR High School for self-defense. Everyone is encouraged to attend these sessions.
Coaching will be provided by Hemanth Kumar and girl's coach Shrutika from the Nayak Budokan Karate Academy.

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