RTC Buses Endanger Telangana Students: BRS Coordinator Qurram Ali Demands Action

Telangana Students' Safety at Risk

RTC Buses Endanger Telangana Students: BRS Coordinator Qurram Ali  Demands Action

In a fervent plea for the safety of students in Telangana, Mir Qurram Ali, the coordinator for Greater Hyderabad at BRS, has highlighted the grave risks faced by students due to overcrowded buses operating under the free scheme for women. Ali's impassioned call to action urges @TelanganaCMO and the Telangana RTC to take immediate and decisive steps to address this critical issue.

Overcrowded Buses Endangering Lives

Expressing deep concern, Ali emphasized the perilous situation faced by students traveling on these overcrowded buses. He stressed the urgent need for special provisions such as dedicated seats allocated for students, both girls and boys, within these buses. Ali's plea underscores the recent viral video depicting numerous students packed inside an RTC bus, standing precariously at the backside, near Bumipur.

Safety First: Who Bears Responsibility?

Ali raises critical questions about accountability, questioning whether the responsibility lies with the RTC, CM Revanth's administration, or the traffic police. He vehemently advocates for immediate intervention, asserting that any mishap or unfortunate incident befalling these students due to overcrowding will hold these authorities accountable.

Demand for Action

In no uncertain terms, Ali asserts that such precarious travel situations for students cannot be tolerated in Telangana. He urges the CM's office to prioritize the arrangement of safe and dedicated transportation for students. Ali emphasizes that ensuring the safety of students should be the paramount concern, demanding swift action to address this pressing issue.


Mir Qurram Ali's plea comes as a clarion call to ensure the safety and security of Telangana's students. His urgent appeal resonates with the need for immediate action to prevent any potential harm or mishaps due to overcrowded buses. The ball now lies in the court of the authorities to heed this plea and swiftly implement measures to safeguard the lives of these young individuals commuting for education.

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