Khelo Bharath

 Khelo Bharath

Biggest sports event held in Hyderabad part and parcel of Khelo Bharath by Sunil Kumar Patha

Hyderabad, December 31::The biggest and unforgettable event and with sophisticated arrangement way sports games have been conducted by BJP's BJYM vibrant leader Sunil Kumar patha for four days on December 22 to 25 on Part and parcel of the union government of India India prestigious programme Khelo Bharath and occasion of political astute personality late Prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee birthday for this mega event Veteran actress turned politician Smt Kushboo Sundar  attended the Inaugural session of "ATAL BIHARI VAJPAYEE SPORTS LEAGUE" in Sanathnagar GHMC Multipurpose Sports Grounds, in Hyderabad. 180 cricket teams were Participated behalf of the inter colleges and inter schools, kabbadi game 45 teams were Participated. Khokho 30 teams badminton 300 members were Participated. For this programme literally sixteen lakhs rs expended. In the history of Hyderabad this is the biggest event in Hyderabad. Apart from that event organisers made T'gana culture mirrorized in this prestigious event 
OGGU Dolu,Dappu, Kolatam, orchestra,komukoya, gosadi,perni six types of cultural teams entertained the entire event.
In this event center of the attraction ROBO Ganesh who's world record holder in ROBO dance inventer . Totally this event emerged as the biggest sports event in Hyderabad. And admired by all sections of the people. In this khelo Bharath event for the participants organizers have given life time memorable certificates and medals have been presented.
This sports inaugurated by the kavya kishan Reddy, and union minister kishan Reddy, Khushboo Sundar as chief guest, Haryana governor Mr Bandaru Dattatreya, Dr k lakshman Rajyasabha member, BJP's leader Chikoti Praveen in the recent past joined in the BJP party.

This entire programme held under the patronage and  coordination of  Sunil Kumar Patha. 
CoordinatorSunill Kumar Patha
Organisers,Sai rathod ,Govind Rathod vyshnavi
MadhaviSai Chowdhury
Saikanth . Every one lauds this event was held amazing those who participated in this

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