Peddapalli BRS MP Makes Headlines by Joining Congress Party

Peddapalli BRS MP Makes Headlines by Joining Congress Party

The Telangana assembly elections have triggered significant political realignments, with the Congress party emerging victorious. This triumph has sparked interest among opposition leaders to consider joining the Congress ranks. Adding to the political shift, the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) faced a substantial setback during the parliamentary elections, as their incumbent MP, Venkatesh, announced his decision to switch allegiance to the Congress.

MP Venkatesh, the current representative of the Peddapally parliamentary constituency, recently traveled to Delhi alongside CM Revanth Reddy. Their destination was the residence of Congress General Secretary, KC Venugopal. During this visit, Venkatesh received an official invitation to join the Congress, symbolized by the presentation of a Congress scarf. His decision to switch parties during the crucial Lok Sabha elections is perceived as a significant blow to the BRS. This defection could potentially affect the BRS's stature and influence in the political landscape.

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