Lok Sabha Polls: Authorities Seize Rs 1.73 Cr in Cash in Hyderabad Since MCC Implementation

District Election Officer and GHMC Commissioner Ronald Rose Reports Significant Seizures Ahead of Lok Sabha Polls

 Lok Sabha Polls: Authorities Seize Rs 1.73 Cr in Cash in Hyderabad Since MCC Implementation


In a recent update, District Election Officer and Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) Commissioner Ronald Rose disclosed that substantial amounts of cash and illicit goods have been seized in Hyderabad district amid ongoing preparations for the Lok Sabha elections.

According to Rose, a staggering total of Rs.1,73,60,800 in cash, along with goods valued at Rs.23,61,964 and 314.45 liters of illegal liquor, have been confiscated by authorities. These seizures come as part of rigorous inspections carried out from 6 am on Friday to 6 am on Saturday.

During these recent inspections, authorities recovered Rs.87,69,000 in cash, Rs.4,55,875 worth of other goods, and 94.05 liters of illegal liquor. Such vigilant efforts aim to curb any attempts of electoral malpractice or undue influence through the misuse of money or other resources.

Since the issuance of the election notification, various enforcement teams have been actively involved in seizing illicit assets. Flying squad teams operating in the district have accounted for Rs.97,29,000, while the police have confiscated Rs.74,81,800. Additionally, the Statistics Survey Lines Team has contributed to the effort by seizing Rs.1,50,000 in cash, alongside other items valued at Rs.23,61,964, as confirmed by the District Election Officer.

Moreover, Rose highlighted that prohibition cases have been initiated against 31 individuals, leading to the arrest of 32 individuals involved in illegal activities related to the electoral process.

As part of the comprehensive approach to ensure electoral integrity, authorities have diligently addressed and resolved 57 complaints related to cash and other items. Additionally, 40 First Information Reports (FIRs) have been lodged in connection with electoral irregularities detected thus far.

The proactive measures undertaken by the District Election Officer and other enforcement agencies underscore the commitment to uphold the sanctity of the electoral process and safeguard democratic principles. With the Lok Sabha polls drawing near, such enforcement actions serve as a deterrent against any attempts to subvert the electoral process through illicit means.

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