Telangana journalist Reporter Association

Mir Inyath Ali Baqri 
ILWF President | Ex Setwin Chairman

Chairman TJRA, Telangana journalist Reporter Association

Mir Qurram Ali b. Com LLB

Editor in chief wake up Telangana English daily and News Tracker

President TJRA

Mir Zulfquar Ali 
Sr Photo journalists

Convener TJRA




Welcome to the Telangana Journalist Reporter Association (TJRA)!


At TJRA, we stand as a beacon of unity and strength for journalists in Telangana, dedicated to upholding the values of freedom of expression and speech. With a firm commitment to safeguarding the welfare and rights of media professionals, our association strives tirelessly to elevate journalistic standards and protect the integrity of the profession.
As part of TJRA, you will join a community dedicated to professional development, offering seminars, coaching, and training to enhance your skills and proficiency in the dynamic field of journalism. Our association stands as a bastion against threats to journalistic freedom, documenting attacks on journalists and advocating for their safety and rights.
TJRA represents journalists across all sectors of the media, advocating for independent journalism and public service broadcasting. Our activities are aligned with key priorities such as democratic change, gender equity, and the promotion of quality journalism. Through workshops, seminars, and advocacy efforts, we strive to inspire excellence and diversity in the field of journalism.
Join us at TJRA as we continue to uphold the principles of press freedom, professionalism, and ethical journalism. Together, we will strive to create a vibrant and inclusive media landscape that serves the public interest and strengthens our democracy.
Welcome aboard the journey of journalistic excellence with Telangana Journalist Reporter Association (TJRA)!


The Telangana Journalist Reporter Association ( TJRA )
activities are articulated among the following priorities:
  • Addressing democratic change, public accountability and globalisation issues.
  • Strengthening independent journalist trade unions, that are best able to defend media freedom and public scrutiny.
  • Advancing the respect for international standards of media / Press freedom.
  • Raising the professional status of journalists.
  • Safety and human rights. To encourage a climate in which journalism can be practiced freely.
  • Quality journalism: improving professional and ethical standards. To stimulate high standards and ethical
    behaviour in the practice of journalism.
  • Press Freedom. To maintain constant vigilance in protection / guarantees of freedom of speech and of the press.
  • Public service broadcasting.
  • Gender equity.
  • Developing resources. To inspire successive generations of talented individuals to become dedicated encourage diversity in journalism.
  • Conducting workshops and seminars. To foster excellence among journalists.
  • To promote this flow of information. To be the pre-eminent, broad based membership organisation for journalists.


Mir Qurram Ali 

                        BA, lLB , PGD-MJC


Telangana Journalist Reporter Association
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