BRSV Raises Concerns Over Colleges Conducting Online Classes Immediately After Exams

BRSV  Raises Concerns Over Colleges Conducting Online Classes Immediately After Exams

In a recent development, the Coordinator of BRSV GHMC, Mir Quram Ali, has lodged a formal complaint with the Board of Intermediate Education regarding a critical issue affecting students' well-being. Ali's concern stems from the alarming trend observed in several colleges, including Narnaran and Chatiniya, immediately transitioning to online classes right after the conclusion of exams.

What makes this situation particularly distressing is the timing. Students have just completed their final exams, and now they find themselves thrust back into the academic grind without a moment's respite. This rush to commence online classes within such a short span of time, merely a year before the intermediate results, is deeply troubling.

Ali emphasizes the human aspect of this predicament, stressing that students are not mere machines programmed for continual output. They are individuals who require mental rejuvenation and a break from the rigors of academia. Pushing them back into the academic routine so hastily not only undermines their mental well-being but also disregards their fundamental need for rest.

In light of these concerns, Mir Quram Ali implores the Board of Intermediate Education to intervene decisively. He calls for strict action to be taken against colleges that are flouting this essential aspect of student welfare. The priority, Ali emphasizes, should be the mental and emotional health of the students, which outweighs any institutional agenda or pursuit of academic milestones.

The repercussions of neglecting students' mental health could be severe, potentially leading to increased levels of stress and anxiety among the student body. Ali's plea to the Board of Intermediate Education underscores the urgency of the situation and the imperative for immediate action to alleviate the mounting pressure on students.

Ultimately, Mir Quram Ali's appeal serves as a poignant reminder that students' well-being should never be sacrificed at the altar of academic progression. Their mental health and quality of life must be safeguarded, even if it means reevaluating the timing and manner of educational practices.

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