Controversy Erupts in East Delhi as AAP Candidate Faces Accusations from Party Worker

Controversy Erupts in East Delhi as AAP Candidate Faces Accusations from Party Worker

New Delhi: Tensions have risen in East Delhi as accusations surface against Aam Aadmi Party's (AAP) Lok Sabha candidate, Kuldeep Kumar. The allegations come from a longstanding party worker, Waqar Chaudhary, the District Secretary and Jangpura Assembly in-charge.

Chaudhary's claims, made public through a video posted on social media three days ago, have sparked protests from members of the Muslim community across Delhi. In the video, Chaudhary alleges that when he approached Kumar's office seeking food after a night of campaign work, he was offered jungle meat. This revelation has sent shockwaves through the community, as consuming such meat is considered forbidden (haram) in Islam.

Expressing his dismay, Chaudhary condemned Kumar's alleged actions, questioning how a Muslim could be subjected to such treatment, especially during the holy pilgrimage of Hajj. The video has garnered strong condemnation from Muslims in Delhi and beyond.

Waqar Chaudhary has called upon the party's top leadership to take action, demanding the replacement of Kumar as the AAP candidate for the East Delhi Lok Sabha seat. He warns that failure to do so will result in his own opposition to Kumar's candidacy, citing an unwillingness to support someone with a derogatory mindset towards Muslims.

The controversy surrounding Kuldeep Kumar's alleged behavior has not only ignited tensions within the AAP but has also drawn attention to broader issues of religious sensitivity and respect within political discourse. As calls for action grow louder, the AAP leadership faces a critical decision in navigating this contentious situation ahead of the upcoming elections.

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