TJRA Demands Accountability After Security Guard Misconduct

Serious Misconduct by Security Guard at Kukatpally Zonal Commissioner's Office Sparks Concern

TJRA Demands Accountability After Security Guard Misconduct

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The Telangana Journalists and Reporters Association (TJRA) has sounded the alarm following a disturbing incident at the Kukatpally Zonal Commissioner's Office. The organization, representing the voices of journalists across Telangana, has vehemently condemned the misconduct of a security guard towards a journalist on duty.


On 27-05-2024, Mr. Ravi, employed as a security guard, allegedly crossed the line by not only exhibiting inappropriate behavior but also resorting to physical violence, throwing the journalist's mobile phone. Such egregious actions not only undermine the principles of professionalism but also pose a grave threat to the safety and security of journalists and the public they serve.


In a strongly worded statement, President Mir Qurram Ali of the TJRA has demanded immediate and decisive action against Mr. Ravi. The association stresses the importance of accountability and transparency in upholding the integrity of public service institutions. It calls upon the authorities to swiftly address this matter, implement strict disciplinary measures, and provide comprehensive training to security personnel to prevent such incidents from recurring.


This incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by journalists in carrying out their essential role in society. It underscores the urgent need for safeguards to protect press freedom and ensure the safety of journalists who risk their lives to bring truth to light.


The TJRA remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding the rights and dignity of journalists and will continue to advocate for justice and accountability in this matter.


For further updates and inquiries, please contact the Telangana Journalists and Reporters Association at 

Telangana Journalists and Reporters Association


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