Young patient undergoes kidney transplantation

Young patient undergoes kidney transplantation

Hyderabad: A young patient with Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) was successfully operated at CARE Hospitals, Nampally.

After a detailed diagnosis and evaluation of the patient, the team of doctors led by Dr Shaista Hussaini, Consultant Nephrologist, and Dr. Abdul Fatah, Consultant Urologist suggested kidney transplant for the patient as lifelong dialysis is not a sustainable option. 

The young patient was enrolled in Jeevan Daan Scheme and a cadaveric kidney was harvested and a kidney transplant was done. The team of doctors performed the transplant with a donor kidney small in size with a small-caliber ureter and with poor blood supply. The renal artery was also small in caliber.

After preparation, the kidney was placed in the right iliac fossa renal vein anastomosed to the external iliac vein and renal artery anastomosed to the right external iliac artery. D-J stent was placed. The transplant was successfully done and the patient was discharged with good urine output and without the need of dialysis.

“We are happy with the outcome. The patient is out of danger and he doesn’t have to undergo lifelong dialysis. The patient was in a very bad condition when initially admitted. We managed it successfully and bought him out of danger,” Dr. Shaista Hussaini said.

It is estimated that globally, chronic kidney disease is associated with approximately 735,000 deaths annually. In India, some 150-230 persons suffer from End-Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD) in every million people. 

The numbers of Indians suffering from chronic kidney ailments have more than doubled in the past decades, and at present 17 in every hundred citizens suffer from some form of kidney disease. The number of patients undergoing dialysis in India is also increasing every year, which includes children too. However, expert diagnosis and evolved treatment options could prevent the increase in the prevalence of chronic kidney disease progressing to end-stage renal disease.ce86d431-e53a-40af-ab25-3d71a72d276f

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