Niloufer Hospital almost full ahead of third wave


The government-run Niloufer Hospital at Lakdikapool, with almost 1400 beds, is almost 90 percent full. The medical facility is full with children suffering from viral fevers, bronchitis, pneumonia, dengue, and other illnesses or diseases.On visiting the hospital, doctors and other employees there said that every monsoon the hospital sees almost 100% occupancy, most likely due to seasonal infections diseases and dengue cases. They further pointed out that many who do not have severe infections or diseases are also referred to the hospital dedicated for children.“Children from faraway districts are also referred to our hospital. We admit everyone who comes here even after reaching full capacity. Hut some private hospitals refer children even if they do not have a serious form of infection,” a paediatrician at the hospital stated.He further added that besides that, anxious parents rush their children (who are down with diseases like Dengue fever or malaria) to the hospital when their platelets count drops below one lakh. The health inspector at Niloufer, Mr Rupesh, told that almost 90% of the hospital is full with non-COVID-19 patients. Other reports from local media also suggest that said that apart from seasonal diseases including dengue, bronchitis and pneumonia in children increases during monsoon. Expecting the impending third wave of COVID-19 pandemic to hit children as well, a separate 400 bed facility was recently added to the hospital. However, only one floor of the new facility is reportedly used for COVID-19 patients.

The remaining three are filled with children suffering from respiratory issues, and almost all the beds are occupied, remarked a senior doctor. “When someone travels from Nizamabad or other districts to our hospital in Hyderabad with their child, we cannot send them away even though the patient’s condition 

is not so severe,” DW news quoted a senior doctor from Niloufer hospital.

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