Are parents ready to send children to schools in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad: Barring residential, social welfare, and tribal welfare schools with hostel facilities, all schools re-opened in Hyderabad and other districts in Telangana. However, some parents are still reluctant to send their children to schools.These parents are either waiting for the COVID-19 vaccine for children or scared of the possible third wave of the pandemic in the country.However, Edtech major LEAD’s survey revealed that almost 70 percent of parents in Hyderabad want to send their children to schools.Most of the parents feel that the pandemic has impacted the studies of their children. They also believe that online classes cannot be the replacement of in-person classes.Although most of the parents are willing to send their children to schools, they are stressing on the importance of vaccination of school staff.Around 55 percent of the parents have said that social distancing in schools is crucial while 54 percent gave importance to healthcare facilities.Schools in Hyderabad discontinue online classesBoth Telangana high court and the state government have made it clear that no child should be compelled to physically attend offline classes. However, some schools in Hyderabad are asking students to attend in-person classes.Earlier, a parent alleged that she is forced to send her daughter, a student of class VII, to attend the in-person classes as the school has stopped online classes, New Indian Express reported.

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