Man's identity is his job Public service & social work is a part of life 23 year completely jahangir baba      

Man's identity is his job Public service & social work is a part of life 23 year completely jahangir baba      

MahabubNagar District Telangana 

13 October 2021

 Al-Fayz Welfare   President Jahangir Baba's Welfare Activities  has been personally serving the poor for more than September1998 . He is doing public service by withdrawing some own money from his salary while working in his personal Road Transport corporation in Telangana state RTC To help the people by withdrawing some money from their salary every month No Money is taken from Anyone. He is only doing personal service. Continuing welfare work is beneficial for the people. Al-Faiz Welfare Society President Jahangir Baba is carrying out the work of delivering a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit charity work in old  comman District MahaboobNagar, Telangana State,  and  Social Work Man and thus through his constant and selfless efforts to do a lot of humanitarian work so far.  A rare example of Hindu-Muslim solidarity  Understands and acknowledges the weight and importance of human relationships and is an example of the humanitarian service being rendered to help the poor and needy from time to time Recognition of Humanity Public Services Non-Religious Democracy based  In another state in  provided financial and essential items to the victims of the riots. Educational materials were also provided for non-religious and national support. President Mohammed Jahangir Baba has played an important role in many organizations and he has been serving as a social worker at the state and national level since the time of students. Social workers are carrying out the work of the society in support of the goal of justice, humanity, peace and democracy. Distribution of notebooks among the students from time to time. Feeding the poor. Reach out to poor people in different parts of the. At present, many charities are providing assistance to the poor and they are also involved in alleviating the hunger of the poor. These include organizations that a  years ago provided free food to the poor in the area. Assisted in the marriage of girls. Necessary items were provided. Madrassa students. Educational items. Their sole purpose is to move forward for welfare.kirshana River Essential items have been provided by the government, while clean drinking water, clothes, blankets and food items have been provided so far. All the work is done in an orderly manner. Fruits are being distributed at the government dispensary hospital to provide free education and health to the poor. He is struggling and has called on the government to build orphanages and shelter the homeless, as well as provide the unemployed with essentials for the marriage of poor girls. Dissemination of Government Schemes through Society Calendar in Distric in Financial Assistance to Lockdown Victims Government Welfare Approved Schemes Distribution of calendars in public to raise public awareness through the calendar. Every year on Polio Vaccine Day, the Struggle Polio Campaign provides stalls in the camp area to vaccinate children for five years. Efforts are being made for the health of the children. Other Public Service Directions Highlighting Children's Sports Programs Government Schemes Help Raise Voter Awareness Raising Children's Awareness of Healthy Living Children's Educational Awareness Painting Competition Raising the voice of the tongue. Our purpose is to benefit others only and our nature is not to work for them but to work for others. Man lives in this world only for a  days to live. We are happy to leave this world and provide a little equipment for the hereafter. We have to work for this purpose. They have no other purpose. They are doing a small job. It is commendable. Man is to help man. It is humanity to serve the public for the welfare of the nation without religion. To provide books, essential items and other food items on the occasion of lockdown. Meals Pocket Bread Distribution of Fruits Leading on Other Occasions  has been in the forefront of the movement and has been struggling for more than two decades for the protection of the involved in the protests. Problem-solving hunger strike camps are organized and welfare work is going on with other benefits. I have a request from my friends  When a person does good deeds, encourage him There is no point in being jealous  jallan Hasd of public servantsTo all of you friends, our work is our identity, our answer is ours  Thanks to everyone who complimented us Man's identity is his public service In the under democratic.His father was a soldier

The country's soldier won a war medalist while participating in World War II Within six months, my father left for I back round My mother worked hard to educate us  Feeling hungry and thirsty My mother learned a lesson  Helping others Why not small  At your own expense This is being done with the sole purpose of helping Like a 

As long as he lives, he will surely continue teamwork help, with the help of Allah and the prayers of the elders, 

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