Minorities’ Garjana

Revant Reddy urges Muslims to defeat KCR/ Demands loans on the lines of Dalit Bandu

Minorities’ Garjana



Hyderabad: The Telangana Pradesh Congress 

Committee president T Revanth Reddy demanded loans on the lines of Dalit Bandu to the Muslims as their economic condition is far worse than the Dalits in Telangana. He also demanded that the TRS government provide jobs and double bedroom houses for them amidst the cheers at its Minorities’ Garjana or Aqliyaton ki Lalkar meeting at Dharna Chowk in the city on Saturday.


The Telangana Congress organized the Minorities’ Garjana to protest against the Telangana Rashtra Samithi government for ignoring the myriad problems of the minorities in the State.


He reminded the minorities that they had backed the TRS in every election as they were misled by the MIM leaders. He said the TRS was at the forefront of supporting the Modi government in the parliament. He reminded them of the Triple Talaq Bill in the parliament and said by defeating KCR, they could defeat the Modi government at the Centre.


He clarified that this meeting was to initiate discussion among minorities, not for the sake of votes. He demanded why KCR had failed to provide jobs, loans, and housing to them but was busy introducing new schemes like Dalit Bandu.


The senior leaders like N Uttam Kumar Reddy, former minister Shabbir Ali, Anjan Kumar Yadav, T Jagga Reddy. TPCC chairman Abdulla Sohail and others attended the meeting.


The Minority Garjana is the first in the series of protests to be organized by the Congress party on minorities’ issues.

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