Smriti Irani slams Congress MLA for rape comment

Smriti Irani slams Congress MLA for rape comment

New Delhi, Dec 17 (UNI) Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani on Friday slammed Karnataka Congress MLA for making a controversial statement on rape and asked Congress MPs in the Lok Sabha to denounce the comment.

Irani, answering a question as opposition MPs raised slogans and trooped near the Speaker's podium demanding the sacking of Minister of State for Home Ajay Mishra, said: "I am blocked by certain gentlemen who have placards in their hands. If they truly believe in servicing the needs of the poor women and children in our country, my request to them is to ensure that I speak for the women and children of the country..."

"Those gentlemen who belong specially to a political party, one of their representatives yesterday made remarks about women which need to be condemned by every public representative... in Karnataka... If you truly believe in the cause of women first stand here and denounce that legislator who said that if you are raped as a woman in this country you should enjoy it," the Minister said.

"Those men who stand in this well today, go back to your political organisation and first bring to justice such a man and then we will see who speaks for the women and children of the country," she said.

Former Karnataka Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar stirred a controversy on Thursday by telling the incumbent Speaker: "There is a saying that when rape is inevitable, lie down and enjoy it. That is exactly the position which you are in."

His comments came as Speaker Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri was struggling to impose order in the House.


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