CARE Doctors Removes Tumor from Tricky Part of Brain, Gives Women New Lease of Life

CARE Doctors Removes Tumor from Tricky Part of Brain, Gives Women New Lease of Life

Hyderabad January 21, 2022: Doctors at CARE Hospitals,Nampally gave a new lease of life to a 35 years old female Mrs. Bhojavva, from Chakepally Village,Adilabad District by removing tumor located at vital structure of brain stem that had led to a significant Paresthesias on left side of face for the past one year through a rare & complex surgical technique. 

Dr. T Narasimha Rao, Sr. Consultant Neurosurgeon CARE Hospitals Nampally had diagnosed Left Meckel's Cave tumor & compressing on brain stem and was arising from major Cranial Nerve of Brain (Trigeminal Nerve / 5th Nerve).  He said this was rare tumour & located at vital structure of brain stem and will be operated in specialized centres where experienced & specialized trained teams are available. This patient was operated by doing the complex surgery by drilling the bone (called as kawasi approach ) at the brain stem under higher magnification (High end microscope) by specially  trained skull base Neurosurgeon. Tumour was successfully removed & patient discharged after 5 days without any fresh neurological deficits! This operation was carried out for 6 – 7 long hours involved dissection of the tumor and separating it from the surrounding vital structures with support of experienced anesthesia team and staff.


Mr.Syed Kamran Husain  Hospital Chief Operating officer CARE Hospitals Nampally said A brain tumors is a serious condition and can be fatal if not detected early and treated on time. He said the effectiveness of surgical resection is very important for effective management. CARE Hospitals,Nampally has state of the art Neurosurgery equipment & infrastructure. This coupled with highly trained skull based Neurosurgeons we could carry out this rare & complex surgery.


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