Kanth'risa unravels the enigma that Ram Gopal Varma is, through his book, RGV The Blue Book!

Kanth'risa unravels the enigma that Ram Gopal Varma is, through his book, RGV The Blue Book!

Hyderabad, February 2022RGV The Blue Book, hand-written by Kanth'risa, is a unique philosophical dissertation on the often-controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma. His esoteric persona, life philosophy, insights, and understandings, make the book an interesting read. It’s one of the rare handwritten books in this age of modern printing, reminiscing the charm of handwritten manuscripts of the bygone era. It is also the first handwritten, hand drawn manuscript, printed in a book form with several free-flowing illustrations, compositions, and artworks.


There are great many books on philosophy by enlightened thinkers and authors like Frederick Nische, Jean Paul Sartre, Any Rand, Ramana Maharshi, Osho, Krishnamurthy, but this ranks over all of them purely for being written on someone who is contemporary. Here is someone, who is making a mark by taking the immensely complex world head on, while not compromising on his integrity. Varma is unperturbed by the trail of controversy his comments leave behind and is as ever brimming with humor, sensitivity, and creativity.


In the book the author delved deeply into the complex traits Varma is known for including his actions, words, insights, behavior, gestures, analytical skills, logic, reasoning, sarcasm, and more, spanning over six months, to script this book. During this period, he discovers Varma to be a philosopher, a man enlightened in disguise and a mad man in general.


Commenting on the book Ram Gopal Varma said, there is no semblance between me and Buddha, I went after wine and women and Buddha went after God. I revere the one who created the woman and will only bow to him.


Speaking at the launch Ram Gopal Varma said, I don’t take anybody serious including myself. When Kanth’risa told me he wrote a book by name Blue Book, I told him I knew blue film and didn’t have a clue about blue book, then he gave me a theory saying the philosophy colour is blue. But even if I don’t understand, if the other person strongly believes in something, I respect him. I was not in sync with associating me with Buddha, desire is the root cause for sorrow, is a failed philosophy. If your desire doesn’t get fulfilled you will regret, so to not to regret you shouldn’t have desires is the philosophy, there can’t be a worse philosophy then that. The whole point of life is desire. We are born with a blank mind, but the influences around us, some of which we assimilate and others we don’t, all that leads to a uniquely different personality. This is a book of quotations, it’s a new experiment with quotes and sketches, that’s the beauty of this book and difference between a regular book and this. For me success is doing what you like, because you don’t know what will happen tomorrow, I believe in living my life in this moment. Majority of the time we spend our time in school and college which is waste of time and it is more relevant in these time.


Kanth'risa said, Varma is one of the interesting persons I have come across and tried explore more about him.


Tanikella Bharani said, this book is written by an enlightened person on another enlightened soul.


The book is also unique for being world’s maiden book to be scripted on iPad. The author used a powerful and intuitive digital illustration App, ‘Procreate’. Kanth'risa leveraged his refined tech skills to script the book despite the App being more of an art studio and in normal course incompatible to compose a book. A copy of this book will be shared with Apple Inc., to apprise them of iPad’s unexplored utility.

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