Shabbir Ali moots 'Minority Bandhu' TRS spends Rs 147 per month for minorities: Congress

Hyderabad, August 16: Former Minister Mohammed Ali Shabbir on Monday has strongly condemned the TRS Government for not spending the allocated budget for the welfare of minorities. He said that the per capita expenditure on minorities’ welfare in Telangana was a mere Rs. 147 per month.

Shabbir Ali alleged that the Telangana government was deliberately delaying the release of welfare funds as part of a conspiracy stall the development of minorities.

"Not even 15% of Rs. 1,602 Crore allocated in the budget for the financial year 2021-22 have been released in the last five months. TRS Govt has been cheating the Muslims on the welfare budget since 2014 by not releasing even 50% of the allocated amount. Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao's claim of Rs. 2,000 crore budget for minorities' welfare was fake and misleading," he said in a statement.

The Congress leader said that the TRS government has allocated Rs. 11,052 crore for the minorities welfare in eight annual budgets from 2014-15 to 2021-22. However, it has released only Rs. 5,772.51 crore in the last seven years. The estimated population of Telangana in 2021 is 3.51 crore while the Muslim population is about 48.45 lakh (12.70%). Even if the overall spending on minorities’ welfare is rounded off to Rs. 6,000 crore, then TRS Govt has spent only Rs. 147 per month on each Muslim in the State, he said.

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