CPI Protest Demonstration against PM Modi Visit

CPI Protest Demonstration against  PM Modi Visit

Prime Minister Modi is a traitor who has eroded the confidence of the people of the country

CPI Hyderabad District Secretary E.T. Narasimha alleged

CPI (M) Hyderabad district secretary E.T. Narasimha alleged. The CPI (M) on Thursday staged a demonstration in Hyderabad and Himayat Nagar to protest against the arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Hyderabad. Party leaders and activists wearing black shirts, waving black flags and placards chanted "Modi Goback". On this occasion E.T. Narasimha said he was critical of the BJP government at the Center for failing to control the persistent rise in fuel and gas prices and skyrocketing essential commodities. He said the Modi party was busy inciting hatred against minorities, dalits and tribals by pushing the lives of the poor into miserable conditions. He said Modi's policies had led to a huge increase in the income of the rich and a sharp decline in the income of the poor. He said the Indian economy was in deep crisis, with people facing a severe livelihood crisis with rising inflation and unemployment. He also lamented that the BJP at the Center was exposing the period of inciting religious hatred and committing atrocities without resolving public issues. He urged Prime Minister Modi to present him with the Gobel Prize for his boldness in deceiving the people and playing blatant lies. If the anti-labor, agrarian and anti-people policies do not stop, ET will launch a massive struggle against the dictatorial Modi regime in the near future. Narasimha revealed. AITUC Telangana State General Secretary V.S. Bose said he was outraged that the BJP government at the Center was putting the people of our country at risk by bringing in anti-labor black laws, weakening public sector banks, selling off public sector enterprises to corporates and denying them labor and agrarian rights. Following the demonstration, CPI national secretary Dr K Narayana and CPI state secretary Chadha Venkat Reddy were placed under house arrest. Chayadevi, AITUC Secretary of State What. Bose strongly condemned the arrest of Narasimha and AISF national leaders B. Stalin. State Convener of the Working Women's Forum P.S. Prem Pavani, CPI leaders Kamath Yadagiri, Nirlekanti Srikanth, S.A. Mannan, Arutla Rajkumar, J. Kumar, Shahna Anjum, Lakshmi, Shamshuddin, Surender, Latif and others participated.

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