Alok Singh A rising name among Young Indian

Alok Singh  A rising name among Young Indian


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In India nowadays, there is a love for cover versions, particularly revisiting versions of Bollywood’s old favourites, similarly Alok Singh is also creating cover versions and also singing in various movie songs.

Wakeup Telangana interviews Alok singh and here is what he has to say;

Alok Singh is a Playback singer and music composer and has performed in various concerts as well as movies, he hails from UP and had studied from Military school and he used to perform since then and has done his Master’s in business development and he came to Mumbai and started learning music and he was a student of DR SURESH WADKAR AND PADMASHREE USTAD GHULAM MUSTAFA KHAN and he has sang with a lot of a very famous singers like Sonu nigam, Anuradha Padwal, Bappi lahari, etc..

Upon asking aboutthe breakthrough song of his career he says that “I sang many playback songs and also covers but I can say a major breakthrough song was Koi deewana kehta hai poetry by Kumar vishwas and was appreciated by Kumar vishwas from which I got recognition.”

Speaking about his struggle he said that “I cannot say that this is a struggle but it’s a journey which everyone has to go through and it might have many thrones on it and competition is not only in music industry but also in every industry and what I personally believe is that if you get anything for free you will have no value for that and when you chose this path you are on journey of it and the pain and pleasure is all yours.”

“When I came to Bombay what I learnt is that Bombay is an expensive city and what we have to do is we have to learn to live first than to earn, The person who called me to Bombay had denied to recognise me on the day one and I was shattered and then my family members has supported me very much and said that do what you went for and people will remember you and what I believe is that when you want to achieve something don’t make any backup plan and focus on that give your 100%  one day you will achieve what you want. I am always a positive person if not today it will be tomorrow.

Social media impact has been very much on my career as it is the platform to showcase yourself and to communicate everywhere and many people contact me through Instagram for collaborations and songs, if you are talented you will be recognised on social media and you will get opportunities.” He added.A message to youngsters and strugglers he said, “I would like to say my friends that never get negative in your life and always be positive and use social media wisely as it has pros as well as cons in it and you practice well and first educate yourself and “Don’t dream but aim as dreams shatter but aims are achieved” and what I say is if you want to go into any field read books related to it as be technically sound and be with the growing world.”Asking about the dream Alok says that he want to perform in the WEMBLEY STADIUM LONDON Wakeup Telangana wishes Alok singh All the very best for his future endeavours.gfdgdfgdfgd

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