Prof. Madabhusi Sridhar releasing the Book titled Democracy prisoned by Governments

Prof. Madabhusi Sridhar releasing the Book titled Democracy prisoned by Governments

Former Central Information Commissioner, Prof. Madabhusi Sridhar releasing the Book titled "Democracy prisoned by Governments" writtened by CPI TS Secretary Chada Venkat Reddy at Makhdoom Bhavan, Himayatnagar in Hyderabad on saturday


Many spokespersons expressed concern that democracy was being murdered in the country and the state. It has been criticized that treason cases are being registered against questioning voices. He said it was wrong not to discuss public issues and at least protest against them. They say the book "Democracy as a Captive of Governments" mirrors the latest developments and circumstances. The book launch of "Democracy as a Captive of Governments" by CPI state secretary, poet and writer Chadha Venkat was held at Himayat Magdhumbhavan Rajbahadur Gaur Hall, Hyderabad on Saturday. Former Central Information Commissioner Acharya Madabhushi Sridhar unveiled the book "Democracy as a Capture of Governments". Assistant Secretary of State of the CPI, CPI national executive members Venkat navacetana Bhalla, chairman of the Science Committee Chairman Syed Aziz, prajapaksam editors kesrinivas Reddy, Vice kandimalla iphta viesbos state general secretary Pratap IN, IL, attended by national general secretary Prabhakar bommagani. The meeting was presided over by Rapolu Sudarshan, General Secretary, Telangana Abhyudhaya Writers' Association (Arasam) and welcomed by Valleru Veeraswamy, Executive Secretary, Arasam. Arasam Secretary KVL acted as the House Coordinator. Later, book publisher Shivareddy and Rajamani were honored.
Syed Aziz said the country and the state were criticized for continuing dictatorship. Awareness was expressed that there was no examination of the actual situation, estimates, and discussions on them.
Palla Venkat says Chadha Venkat is playing a three-part role as party secretary, writer and poet. He said that without reading a book, there is no chance of knowing history. The attitude of the Central and State Governments is very well described in this book.
Venkat Reddy Did kesrinivas untundannaruprajala different feelings antarlinam understand them mamekamayyarannaru cada. Madabhushi Sridhar, who had applied to the R Commissioner after seeing a statement on the day, was asked if there were any such conditions at present.
VS Bose said that "democracy as a hostage of governments" would be a beacon until the coming of the working class state. Puppet Prabhakar said that the books of the activists are wonderful.Character for democratic values: Chada Venkat
Chadha Venkat Reddy, author of the book, said that democratic values were being eroded in the country, adding that public sector enterprises were being destroyed and privatization in the agricultural sector was also on the rise. He said he learned from people, engaged with them and wrote books with those experiences. It is said that a person can write books only when he has feelings, experiences, reaction and thought. He says that writing essays is like wielding a sword and not an easy task. Once upon a time at 12 o'clock at night he explained that he was literally putting ideas into action.Disruption to members of the Deviation Act: Madabhushi Sridhar
Madabhushi Sridhar said the Anti-Diversion Act would disrupt the freedom of members of the House (MPs, MLs) as there was a risk of dismissal of members by the law, adding that members were approving bills introduced by governments without even looking at them. He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations. Governors, chief ministers, ministers and MPs are writing articles saying that even the heads of government are occupying it.
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