Did BRS live up to its 2018 poll promises?

Did BRS live up to its 2018 poll promises?

Hyderabad: The BRS has made 13 key promises in its manifesto for 2018 December Assembly polls.

The party retained power for second consecutive term with a bumper majority by winning 88 out of 119 Assembly seats. An analysis on whether the BRS lived up to its promises in the last five years:

1. Aasara pensions will be enhanced from Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,016 per month and for physically challenged from Rs 1,500 to Rs 3,016: It was implemented within four months from April 2019.

2. The minimum age limit for Aasara pensions will be reduced from 65 years to 57 years: It took four years to implement this promise from December 2022.

3. Unemployment allowance of Rs 3,016 per month to unemployed: Failed to implement.

4. Rs 5 lakh financial assistance to poor to construct houses on their own plots: Failed to implement this scheme for more than four years till March 2023. Named this scheme as Gruha Lakshmi in March 2023 and slashed financial assistance to Rs 3 lakh. Decides to extend this scheme to 3,000 beneficiaries in each of the 119 Assembly constituencies totalling 3.57 lakh beneficiaries. However, allotment letters were issued to less than one lakh beneficiaries so far and amount is yet to be credited in the bank accounts.

5. Rythu Bandhu will be enhanced from Rs 10,000 per acre per year to Rs 12,000: This was implemented from June 2019.

6. Loan waiver of up to Rs 1 lakh: Failed to implement for four years. Could waive off loans only up to Rs 35,000 in the last four years. Started waiving off loans from Rs 35,000 to Rs 1 lakh since August 2023. Farmers who took loans up to Rs 1.20 lakh covered so far. They received Rs 1 lakh waiver. Farmers who took loan of above Rs 1.20 lakh yet to receive Rs 1 lakh waiver.

7. Provide 12 per cent reservations for Muslims and 12 per cent reservations for STs: Failed to enhance Muslim quota from present 4% to 12 %. ST reservations hike from 6% to 10% from October 2022.

8. Will change categories of different castes to extend reservations in education and employment: Failed to implement.

9. Food processing industries will be established across the state: Lands identified but failed to ground the units.

10. New pay scales will be given to employees: Implemented from April 2021

11. Retirement age of employees will be enhanced from 58 to 61 years: Implemented from April 2021

12. Special directorate will be created for pensioners: Failed to implement

13. Will transform Hyderabad as a global city: Inaugurated several flyovers, skywalks, link roads etc.-

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