WE-Hub: Mentoring an able generation of female entrepreneurs

WE Hub has incubated close to 3,180 women-owned startups apart from facilitating funding and training

WE-Hub: Mentoring an able generation of female entrepreneurs

Hyderabad: Over the past five years, WE-Hub, India‘s premier government-led incubator designed exclusively for female entrepreneurs, has made substantial strides in nurturing entrepreneurship among women, transcending geographical boundaries, and emphasizing that being an entrepreneur is a form of employment in itself.

Since its inception, WE Hub has incubated an impressive 3,180 women-owned startups which span a wide range, from urban tech entrepreneurs to those from rural areas and even student entrepreneurs.

“These startups have collectively raised Rs 170 crore in funds over the years. While WE Hub may not directly fund startups, it plays a crucial role in connecting women-led startups with the financing they require,” says Deepthi Ravula, CEO of WE Hub.

WE Hub connects women-led startups to tailored funding opportunities and provides resources like co-working spaces, partnerships, and financial support, making them more appealing to potential investors while offering financial literacy workshops and training sessions for effective funding navigation.

Says Deepthi, “While D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) and Customer Tech sectors have garnered attention for women-led startups, it’s crucial to highlight that our women entrepreneurs are defying boundaries and making their indelible mark in diverse fields making us sector agnostic.”

Understanding that not all women entrepreneurs have access to substantial financial resources, WE Hub takes proactive steps to provide and facilitate funding programmes customised for early-stage startups. These programmes encompass grants, micro-loans, and seed funding, aiming to support those in need of financial assistance.

WE Hub offers tailored mentorship and training programmes. These programmes help entrepreneurs assess their ideas, map interventions, documentation, and value-added linkages with access to financial resources, and showcase
their stories at platforms where they can interact with peer networks and supportive ecosystems.

It encourages aspiring women entrepreneurs to embrace the principles of Ideate, Implement, and Inspire. Women can seek support, be resilient, stay informed, and use their journey to inspire others.

“We invite women entrepreneurs to join us in transforming communities and societies, By supporting and facilitating you, we contribute to job creation, economic growth, and a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workforce. We don’t just incubate businesses, we incubate dreams, aspirations, and a brighter future for all,” she adds.

Women who want to be mentored can reach out online, by phone, or by just walking in. After the initial registration, they assess their stage and categorise them into pre-incubation, incubation, or acceleration categories.-

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