"KCR's BRS Manifesto: Swift Implementation of Bold Promises"

KCR announces BRS manifesto  & Promises to be fulfilled in 6-7months

1.Soubhagyalakshmi scheme - All eligible poor women to get ₹3000 per month 

2.Gas cylinder for ₹400 to all eligible BPL families

3.Aasara Pensions to be increased ₹5000. First year it will be hiked to ₹3000 and increased ₹500every year. As done by YS Jagan in phases we will do. PWD pensions will be hiked by ₹6000

4.KCR Aarogya Raksha Scheme - ArogyaSri Bhima Scheme coverage increased to ₹15lakh 

5.Rythu Bandhu schematically will be increased ₹16000 per acre year. Immediately ₹11000 and It will increase 1000per year.  This is for Agriculture stabilisation 

6.KCR Bhima Prathi Intiki Dheema- ₹5lakh Insurance Scheme for all BPL card holders 100% premium will be paid by government thru LIC. Covering 93lakh families ₹3000-4000crore will be spent. Likely to be implemented from June

7.Hyderabad city 1lakh 2BHK houses will be built. Gruha Lakshmi scheme will given and those who don’t have land for them lands will be identified

8.119 residential schools for Economically backward students

9.Minority junior colleges to be converted to Residential colleges

10.Own buildings for Mahila Swashakti Groups.

11.Orphan policy of Telangana govt will be implemented in next term taking them as State Children

12.Will work towards removing restrictions on assigned lands

13.We will study CPS to OPS pensions for government employees. We will form a committee of senior officials and take accordingly

14.Telangana Annapurna Scheme - Every household which is ration card holder to be given Rice (Sanna Biyyam) likely to be implemented by June
#KCROnceAgain ✊✊✊

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