Senior Leader Advocates for 1% Reservation and Welfare Measures for Telangana's Shia Community

Senior Leader Advocates for 1% Reservation and Welfare Measures for Telangana's Shia Community


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 Mir Murtuza Ali Moosavi, a senior leader of the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee, has taken a significant step by urging the Chairman of the Manifesto Committee, Duddilla Sridhar Babu MLA, to champion the rights and welfare of the Shia community in Telangana State. The move has garnered attention and support as it highlights the pressing demands and needs of this minority group.

Key Demands:

  1. 1% Reservation: Moosavi has emphasized the necessity of allocating a 1% reservation for the Shia community in both education and employment opportunities throughout the state. This demand aims to rectify the underrepresentation and uplift the socio-economic status of the Shia community.

  2. Honorarium for AshoorKhana Caretakers: Moosavi has called for the provision of honorarium to Mutawalli/Mujawareen (caretakers) of AshoorKhana's, recognizing the pivotal role they play in preserving the cultural and religious heritage of the Shia community.

  3. State Observance of Muharram: The senior leader has stressed the need for the official observance of Muharram in Telangana State. This would entail an annual allocation of 100 Crores in a separate budget to support the rituals, maintenance, repairs, and restoration of AshoorKhana's. This would further bolster the preservation of Shia cultural practices.

  4. Shia Welfare Board: Moosavi has proposed the establishment of a dedicated Shia Welfare Board aimed at addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by the Shia community in the state. This board would be instrumental in promoting their overall well-being.

Moosavi points out that the Shia community in Telangana constitutes 10% of the Muslim minority population in the state. Despite their significant presence, the community's economic conditions are far from favorable. Currently, only the Economically Backward Class among Muslims benefits from a 4% reservation in various sectors. Sadly, the Shia community is not included in this reservation.

He asserts that, given their socio-economic backwardness, the Shia community deserves a minimum of 1% reservation in education and job opportunities within Telangana State. Moosavi has called upon the leadership of the Congress Party to support this cause, underlining that if the Congress forms the government in the state, they will ensure the implementation of the 1% reservation for the Shia Community.

Additionally, the senior leader has emphasized the crucial role played by the Mutawalli/Mujawareen in maintaining AshoorKhana's and has requested backing for the official observance of Muharram. He has called for a separate budget allocation of 100 Crores annually to ensure the upkeep, repair, and restoration of AshoorKhana's in Telangana State. Furthermore, he has urged the creation of a Shia Welfare Board to holistically address the needs of the Shia community.

Moosavi has also highlighted the substantial electoral influence of the Shia community, with over 3 lakh voters across 24 MLA segments in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) limits and within three Lok Sabha constituencies: Malkajgiri, Secunderabad, and Hyderabad. He has expressed the community's unwavering commitment to actively support the Congress Party if their demands are incorporated into the party's manifesto for the Telangana State elections in 2023.

This bold move underscores the pressing importance of addressing the concerns and aspirations of the Shia community in Telangana. It has the potential to significantly influence the political landscape in the upcoming elections and could pave the way for a more equitable and inclusive future for the Shia community in the state.

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