KCR Warns: A Vote for Congress Spells Doom for Farmers

KCR Warns: A Vote for Congress Spells Doom for Farmers


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Think twice before casting your vote was the refrain from BRS president and Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao at Jangaon and Bhongir on Monday, as he continued a spirited attack against Opposition parties, particularly the Congress, reminding the people that the Congress threat to scrap the Dharani portal would sound the death knell for farmers’ rights over their lands.

He stressed that rights of farmers and their lands should remain protected. The Congress was either making promises without considering consequences or conspiring to take away farmers’ rights over their lands and bring back the dark age of the broker system where farmers would be forced to run from pillar to post to protect their own land.

Addressing massive gatherings at the Praja Ashirvada Sabha public meetings at Jangaon and Bhongir, Chandrashekhar Rao said the Congress was trying to mislead people by making false promises regarding financial assistance to tenant farmers on the lines of Rythu Bandhu. He reminded that tenant farming was similar to leasing out a property in any commercial or residential area.

“If the tenants keep changing every crop season, it would a cumbersome task for the State government to identify them and extend financial support. Further, it could lead to legal issues if someone encroaches these lands illegally and that will eventually prove detrimental to the farmers’ interest as well as trigger confusion over land rights,” he said.

Recalling his own farming background, the Chief Minister emphasized the significance of the Dharani portal, which revolutionised land registration and made the process simple and secure.

“The power to make changes to land records now rests with the landowners, ensuring their rights and protecting their interests,” he said.

On Telangana’s progress since its formation, Chandrashekhar Rao highlighted that when the State was formed, it faced numerous challenges, including power shortage and frequent outages, water scarcity and economic instability.

“With lot of efforts, the BRS government has overcome these problems and made Telangana a role model for others on various fronts,” he said, urging the people not to disrupt the State’s progress by voting for other political parties.

Asking why the Congress could not provide 24-hour electricity for farmers under its previous regime, he demanded to know the logic behind its proposal to provide only three-four hours of power supply for agricultural development.

Explaining the party’s plans to implement life insurance coverage to all white ration card holders, to supply LPG cylinders at Rs 400, to enhance Aasara pensions up to Rs.6,000 and Rythu Bandhu assistance up to Rs 16,000 per acre per annum in a phased manner, Chandrashekhar Rao said the BRS made promises it was capable of fulfilling.

He urged the public to think whether Congress’s proposals were in the State’s best interests and to consider the repercussions of such actions. He reminded that Telangana was the only State in India providing 24-hour electricity to farmers, drawing a contrast to the recent situation in Karnataka, where Congress recently won, but where farmers were suffering due to lack of power supply. He urged the public to be vigilant and to use their votes as a powerful tool.

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