BRSV GHMC Coordinator Mir Qurram Ali Praises Telangana's 2 Lakh IT Jobs Growth

Mir Qurram Ali Urges Youth to Support BRS Party for Telangana's Development in 2023 Elections"

BRSV GHMC Coordinator Mir Qurram Ali Praises Telangana's 2 Lakh IT Jobs Growth

Hyderabad, Telangana

Mohammed Azharuddin
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- Mir Qurram Ali, the Coordinator of the BRSV GHMC, has lauded the remarkable progress in IT development in Telangana, praising the creation of more than 2 lakh IT jobs over the past eight years. In a recent statement, he commended the efforts of IT Minister Sri KTR and encouraged strong support for the BRS Party.

Under the visionary leadership of Sri KTR, Telangana has transformed into a technology and innovation hub, drawing global attention for its impressive achievements in the IT sector. The state's unwavering commitment to IT development has led to the establishment of world-class IT parks and the nurturing of a conducive environment for IT businesses to flourish.

Sri KTR, the IT Minister of Telangana, has played a pivotal role in this transformation by actively promoting Hyderabad as an ideal investment destination to countries across the globe. His efforts have resulted in the establishment of over 1000 IT and management companies in Hyderabad, creating job opportunities and contributing to the state's economic growth. Furthermore, KTR's vision extends beyond the capital city, as he focuses on developing IT hubs in all districts of Telangana, with the goal of making the state a top destination for IT and employment.

Mir Qurram Ali emphasized the significance of supporting leaders and political parties dedicated to sustaining this remarkable growth and ensuring the well-being of all citizens. The creation of over 2 lakh IT jobs within the past eight years stands as a testament to Telangana's immense potential and the promising future that lies ahead.

As the upcoming elections approach, the people of Telangana have the opportunity to influence the state's destiny. It is clear that the state's growth in the IT sector, with over 2 lakh jobs created, is a reflection of its potential and promise. Mir Qurram Ali's words serve as a rallying cry to support leaders and parties committed to continuing this growth trajectory and securing the prosperity of all Telangana residents.

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