"Uncertainty Surrounds Diwali Amavasya Tithi Date"

Kakinada: Almanac writers differ on the point when the Diwali festival should be celebrated -- whether on Sunday or Monday.

The Amavasya Tithi falls in the afternoon on Sunday and it continues until Monday afternoon. But on Monday night, there is no Amavasya Tithi. Therefore, according to some scholars, the festival should be celebrated on Sunday night and the Karthika Deepam be lit on Monday night (Padyami Tithi).

Drik Siddhanta almanac Writers Association of Andhra Pradesh president Nagamalleswara Siddhanti said, "The Amavasya Tithi is on the night of Sunday and there is no Amavasya Tithi on Monday."

He said that as per the astrological principle, Diwali should be celebrated when Amavasya Tithi is on during night times. But, Akasa Deepam’ should be lit on Monday night as the auspicious Karthika Masa would start on November 14.

Prominent almanac writer P. Srinivasa Gargeya said that, according to Bhavishya Purana, Diwali means performing pujas and offering prayers to Goddess Lakshmi Devi. Lakshmi Puja should be performed on Sunday and the same day is treated as Diwali.

But those who perform pujas to their eternal fathers should do the rituals and celebrations on November 13.

Another almanac writer said the holy bath should be taken on Amavasya Tithi day and Akasa Deepam should be lit on Diwali day. As per this principle, Diwali should be celebrated on November 13 to eliminate poverty from one’s family, on the day, when they perform Lakshmi Puja.

He also said Akasa Deepam should be lit on Monday night and the Karthika Masam lamp would be lit from November 14, Tuesday. "Chandrodaya Vyapthi is more important to calculate the Diwali festival than Amavasya Tithi. Chandrodaya Vyapthi will fall in the early hours of Monday and Diwali should be celebrated on Monday."

The government also declared a Diwali Holiday on November 13. A similar problem arose with regard to the Vijayadasami festival in October this year.-

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