Railway Workers Rally Behind BRS Candidate Padma Rao

Railway Workers Rally Behind BRS Candidate Padma Rao

BRS candidate T. Padmarao Goud, running for the Secunderabad Constituency, held discussions with C. H. Shankar Rao. Mr. Shankar Rao, the General Secretary of the Union Central Committee and a prominent leader in the National Railway Workers Federation, was actively engaged in the interaction.

Secunderabad: Thigulla Padmarao Goud, the Deputy Speaker and BRS candidate for the Secunderabad Assembly Constituency, garnered strong support from railway workers during a pivotal meeting at the Central Office of the South Central Railway Mazdoor Union in Secunderabad on Tuesday.
During the meeting, Padmarao Goud engaged with C. H. Shankar Rao, the General Secretary of the Union Central Committee and a leader of the National Railway Workers Federation. Padmarao Goud emphasized that his policies align with the interests of railway workers, seeking their endorsement for the upcoming elections.
Highlighting past advocacy efforts, Padmarao Goud mentioned instances where he, alongside Shankar Rao and Union Central Committee leaders, exerted pressure on Railway GMs and Central Railway Ministers to enhance infrastructure in various railway colonies within Secunderabad. These colonies are home to railway workers and employees. Additionally, he discussed proactive measures taken to ensure the availability of Covid medical services at the railway hospital and the establishment of a vaccine center.
Padmarao Goud assured the union leaders that he is well-acquainted with the challenges faced by railway staff and is committed to supporting them in Secunderabad. He also acknowledged Chief Minister KCR's positive stance on addressing the concerns of railway workers.
Responding affirmatively, the union leaders, including labor union leader Shankar Rao, pledged their support to Padmarao Goud in the upcoming elections.

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