Congress Gains Momentum in Kukatpally: MLA Candidate Bandi Ramesh Confident of People's Support

Congress Gains Traction in Kukatpally - Bandi Ramesh Confident, Pledges Change and Local Commitment

Congress Gains Momentum in Kukatpally: MLA Candidate Bandi Ramesh Confident of People's Support

Kukatpally's political landscape witnessed a fervent shift as the Congress party, spearheaded by MLA candidate Bandi Ramesh Dhi Ma, rallied strong support from the community during a recent press conference at the Balanagar Congress party office.

Addressing the gathering, Ramesh highlighted the people's growing demand for change in Kukatpally Constituency, emphasizing the Congress party as the beacon for this transformation. He criticized the incumbent BRS government, alleging a decade of unfulfilled promises, particularly in executing crucial assurances like Dalit Bandhu and double bedroom housing schemes.

Expressing gratitude to the Kapu Sangam leaders for their firm endorsement, Ramesh reiterated his commitment to the constituency's welfare. Dismissing claims of being an outsider, he affirmed his deep-rooted connection with Kukatpally, vowing to be tirelessly available and dedicated to serving its residents.

Anticipating a sweeping victory, Ramesh projected the Congress party's triumph with overwhelming support from the local populace, estimating an impressive 80 to 90 seats secured statewide. He assured proactive efforts toward implementing the party's six-point guarantees, promising a focused agenda if elected.

The press conference witnessed the presence of key figures such as Telangana State Campaign Committee Coordinator Nati Shyamsundar, along with senior Congress leaders Gali Balaji, Ande Sriram Murthy, N. Lakshmaiah, Katta Srinivas Goud, among others, signaling a unified front in the party's pursuit of electoral success.

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